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Profits, profits, profits!

We seek superior results in high alpha, difficult-to-trade strategies across the globe.

We use a systematic
yet straightforward approach.

We seek clarity in the complex picture of the equity markets.

  • Focus

    We believe profitable results are more likely when focusing on well-balanced companies with evidence of value and quality and momentum and stability.

  • Intuition

    Our investment decisions are more productive when we base them on economically intuitive measures, think outside the “linear” box, and amplify what works within well-defined peer groups.

  • Common Sense

    An investment can be right and still be risky. Leaning skeptically on optimizers and heavily on common sense, we choose where to diversify and what to avoid to minimize uncompensated risks.

  • Bottom Line

    We know transaction costs — the ultimate cost of implementing any investment strategy — are higher and more hidden than generally perceived. Controlling the “implementation shortfall” is key to holding equity-market profits.

We focus on four well-known equity-market anomalies: