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We put our money where our mouth is.

We offer client-driven mandates and client-aligned fees in a client-friendly atmosphere of transparency and candor.

We are willing to hold our feet to the fire of a fulcrum return in the calculation of performance-based fees.
If we don’t meet the fulcrum return target,
we don’t get paid our standard fee.

The standard fee is the investment management fee we charge on assets under management in our flagship strategies.
The fulcrum return is the above-benchmark target for performance-based fees. It is derived by AJO Vista and based on empirical evidence, economic logic, and economic intuition. It reflects trading costs, but not investment management fees.
The fulcrum return target is NOT a guaranteed return. Actual client returns may differ materially, and clients may (gulp!) lose money.

How do we calculate a
performance-based fee?

We charge a standard flat fee of 0.8% on all assets
for our flagship strategies listed above.

We willingly set performance-based fees with symmetry around our standard flat fee and our 3.5% fulcrum return.

We aim for partnership, so we allow our clients to choose the fee calculation that meets their needs.